Utility Plugin

For making our SDK flexible and light as much as possible, we used plugin injection model. In this case you can just import what you need into core SDK.

Now we have three parts of utility plugin:

Customization Plugin

It is an optional plugin to add the feature that enable customization feature for the flat UI. It allows you to customize payment page according to the style of applications with several lines of codes.

Card Scan Plugin

It is an option for merchants who want to provide a easier online card solution for their users. With this plugin, your users could scan their card and the card information will fill into form directly so they don’t need to input anything manually.

UI customization

It is an option which allow you change components of our default UI and it will make our widget color and icon consistent with the feeling of your application.

Android library IOS library

UI customization components for Android

UI customization components for IOS