Terminal3 Payments has partnered with Buycraft to allow its server owners accept payments easily via Terminal3 Payments using credit cards, SMS payments, prepaid payment methods (such as Paysafecard, TicketSurf, Boleto), bank transfers and eWallets.

Terminal3 Payments activation

To connect Terminal3 Payments with your Buycraft store simply follow the 3 easy steps below:

Setup your Terminal3 Payments account with Buycraft connect button

  • Go to Minecraft Donation Plugin page.

  • Click Integrate Minecraft Donations, you will be taken to the end of the page, please choose Buycraft among the three options.

  • You will be taken to Terminal3 Payments Account Registration Page. Sign Up if you don’t have an account or Sign In if you already have one. When you Sign Up, use your Buycraft donation page for the Website URL field (e.g.

  • You will be taken to your merchant area page with your project already set up (a new project will be created if you had an account before).

Project configuration in Terminal3 Payments system

  • Login to Terminal3 Payments system with your account.

  • Go to My Projects tab. You will see that your new project has already been created. Project Key and Secret Key will be needed later to finish the project setup on Buycraft admin panel.

Setup Terminal3 Payments module on your platform

  • On your Buycraft dashboard, select Settings -> Payment Gateways.

  • Click the Set up Payment gateway button on the right top of the screen. You will see all available payment options.

  • Click the Activate button on Terminal3 Payments tab.

  • Go back to Payment Gateways section. Terminal3 Payments should now be available. Click Edit to set up your project.

    • Fill all the required fields.

The Project Key and Secret Key can be found in your Terminal3 Payments Account in My Projects tab. Widget code is available in your Widgets section of your Terminal3 Payments project of Buycraft.


  • Terminal3 Payments provide supports for all up-to-date Buycraft version.

  • List of available Payment Methods can be discovered here.

Contact if you find the version of your Buycraft module is not supported.

Next step

You can start to test payments of your projects.

Refer to test payments with test method

Once you make sure everything works smoothly, please submit your project to go live.

See how to live your project