Terminal3 Payments CS-Cart plug-in is easy to install and fully customizable. With a single integration, all products of your E-commerce business will be monetized with 150+ payment options localized in 75+ currencies and more than 200 countries.

This tutorial assumes that you have a Terminal3 Payments account. Please Sign up if you don’t have one.

Download plug-in

Terminal3 Payments plug-in for CS-cart can be downloaded here.

Project configuration in Terminal3 Payments system

  • Login to Terminal3 Payments system with your account.

  • Go to My Projects tab. You will see your new project already created. Project Key and Secret Key will be needed later to finish the project setup on CS-Cart admin panel.

    • In Settings section, please set your project type to Digital Goods.

    • Set Pingback type to URL.

    • Configure your Pingback URL to http://[path-to-cscart]/index.php?dispatch=paymentwall.pingback.

    • Choose the Pingback Signature Version to version 3.

    • Add the Custom pingback parameter with payment_id at Name, and OWN at Value.

Remember to save changes at the bottom of Settings section.

  • You can also enable Brick as a payment gateway by clicking the grey brick icon on your project overview. It will generate Brick Test Keys and Brick Live Keys right next to your Widget Keys.

  • In Widgets section, create a widget that you prefer. And save changes. You will see Widget code after widget creation, which will also be needed later on CS-Cart admin panel.

Setup Terminal3 Payments module on your platform

  • Unpack all files from PaymentwallForCSCartV3 and upload to your CS-Cart root folder using an FTP client of your choice.

  • Login to your admin area, go to Addons Manager on the top navigation -> Browse all available add-ons, click Install button on Terminal3 Payments.

  • Go to Administration on the top navigation, choose Payment methods, it will list all available payment methods.

  • Click + button on the top right side to Add payment method.

  • In New payment method, choose Terminal3 Payments or Brick as Processor.

    • Fill in other information and switch to Configure tab

    • Fill all the required fields.

The Project Key and Secret Key can be found under your CS-Cart project overview’s Widget Keys in My Projects tab. If you are using Brick, Public Key and Private Key are under Brick Test Keys and Brick Live Keys. Widget code is available in your Widgets section of your project.


  • Terminal3 Payments provides supports for CS-Cart versions 3 and 4 (up to 4.4).

  • List of available Payment Methods can be discovered here.

Contact platform@paymentwall.com if you find the version of your CS-Cart module is not supported.

Next step

You can start to test payments of your projects.

Refer to test payments with test method

Once you make sure everything works smoothly, please submit your project to go live.

See how to live your project