Custom Pingback Parameters

You can get additional parameters via Pingback easily.
In Project > Settings area, Custom Pingback Parameters is where you can add custom parameters which you would like to receive from Pingback request.

Parameter with own value

Parameter with OWN value are always the one which you have passed to us as custom parameters and want us to communicate it back to you via pingback. In this way, you can manage your custom data based on processed transactions.

Value Description
OWN Your custom parameter which you passed when build widget.

To use OWN custom parameter, please add your custom parameter as additional parameter.

Here we added my_custom_param as a parameter name and my custom value as a value that we want to get back from pingback request.

Once additional parameter is added, go to Project > Settings to add custom parameter my_custom_param.

When you receive pingback, you will find your custom parameter my_custom_param is also included having my custom value as a value in it. custom value&ref=b1493096790&sign_version=2&slength=1&speriod=month&type=0&uid=pwuser&sig=ac785c67092b858c5de5b7981e81a7db

Please check Android SDK and iOS SDK to check sample codes of how to add custom parameters.

Parameter with value Terminal3 Payments provides

Below are the parameters which Terminal3 Payments allows you to receive with Pingback request without defining additional parameters in your Widget Call.

Value Description
eg: 9
Reason code of the negative pingback, standard reason parameter of pingbacks
Please refer Pingbacks to get detailed information
eg: Cancelled order
Verbal reason of the negative pingbacks
eg: refund / chargeback
Type of negative pingback
eg: payment / offer
Transaction type. Offer is the value when user earned credit due to offerwall
eg: US
User country code alpha-2
eg: USA
User country code alpha-3
eg: United States
User country name
eg: USD
End-user payment currency code
eg: gold_membership
Product ID for Digital Goods API, standard goodsid parameter of pingbacks. By adding this parameter, you can get Product ID with parameter name you want
Time of the payment
Time of the payment in UTC timezone
eg: Credit Card
Either ‘Offer’ or specific payment system type as
Credit Card / Prepaid Card / Mobile / Bank Transfer / E-Wallet / Payment Kiosks
eg: USD
Product currency code (Digital Goods API)
PRODUCT_CUSTOM_FIELD Custom field of the product
PRODUCT_PRICE Product price (Digital Goods API)
eg: 0 / 1
If recurring billing is active for this payment
RECURRING_BILLING_INITIAL_REF Reference ID of the first payment, if the current payment is recurring
Date of the next recurring payment
eg: 0 / 1
If this payment is an automatic recurring payment
eg: b1493096790
Reference ID of the transaction, standard ref parameter of pingbacks. By adding this parameter, you can get Reference ID with parameter name you want
REVENUE Revenue per transaction in USD, Net
REVENUE_LOCAL Revenue per transaction in payment currency, Net
REVENUE_PAYMENT End-user payment in USD
REVENUE_PAYMENT_LOCAL End-user payment in local currency
SIGNATURE Pingback signature, standard sig parameter of pingbacks. By adding this parameter, you can get signature value with parameter name you want
eg: 0 / 1
If a stored Credit Card is used
SUBSCRIPTION_ID ID of subscription ordered by user
eg: b1493096790_0
Reference ID concatenated with pingback type
UNIQUE_REF_INITIAL For chargebacks - UNIQUE_REF of original payment, otherwise empty
USER_ID User ID of your system
USER_IP User IP address
eg: US
Country code of the payment account in alpha-2, e.g. bank account country or CC BIN country
VIRTUAL_CURRENCY Virtual currency amount received by end-user
VIRTUAL_CURRENCY_UNDISCOUNTED Virtual currency amount without bonuses and discounts