Brick Direct

Brick is a pure credit card payment solution provided by Terminal3 Payments. It has been integrated in widget API and checkout API as credit card gateway for hosted checkout experience.

This tutorial introduce the way to use Brick Direct API, which allows you to develop your own payment system for credit cards payments.


Integrating Brick Direct only requires 4 steps:


Configure your project in merchant dashboard to make it work properly with Brick.

  • Select Your API as Checkout API in Settings.

  • Fill the Pingback url to receive asynchronous notification in Settings.

  • Your payment pages must be loaded via HTTPS.

  • Email to with your project key to enable Brick Direct API for your project.

There is no need to do configuration for Region, Offers and Products sections while using Checkout API. Before using Brick in live environment, make sure you have enabled credit card payment method in Payment System section.